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Re-designing Forestry Management for the Cloud
SPARQS is your enterprise solution for stand record and operations management.  We’re taking the complexity out of forestry technology so that every user across your organisation can create, analyse and share information about your operations quickly and easily.  From workforces on the ground, to planners and decision makers in the office, and investors in the boardroom.  Leverage all the benefits of the cloud with a single portal designed for real collaboration and teamwork, enabling reduced technology costs, and providing a solution that scales for small, medium, and large estates.
Insights for your Enterprise
SPARQS is a platform built by experienced forestry professionals who understand the decisions that need to be made across your business and the information required to support these. Our design philosophy has been to simplify business processes by creating a system of streamlined workflows and easy to use tools that ensure insights are in the hands of every user. Our aim is to make collaboration the new normal within the forestry industry.
An accurate and accesible stand record system is the foundation to the
planning and decision making process across your estates.
Stand Record Management
  • Edit stands with simplicity
  • Update stand boundaries and maintain archived history
  • Quickly visualise stands thematically by key characteristics such as species, density, and year of establishment
  • Perform powerful analysis to support future planning
Maintenance of an accurate operational history is critical to informing future
planning and satisfying your compliance and auditing requirements.
Operations Management
  • Create operations with simple workflows
  • Search and analyse operational history
  • Manage operations and business work packages within projects
  • Streamline map production with operation-based templates
Turn your insights into actions with powerful reporting that will facilitate data
driven decision making to maximise productivity across your estate
Reporting and Analysis
  • Intuitive Dynamic Reporting
  • Build from the results of your Stand and Operational Analysis
  • Explore Operational History to optimise your activities and maintain compliance
  • Generate Safety Reports to promote zero harm in your workplace
Mapping Made Easy
Maps are an essential medium for the communication and assessment of operational activities within forestry management. Making the production of maps simple and easy for every user is the cornerstone to establishing effective collaboration across your organisation.
The Choice of Leading Companies
We are proud to work with our range of customers to help them achieve efficiency and success across their organisations
Ready to Simplify the Management of Your Forestry Data?
As an operator, forest manager or executive, you’ll be excited by the simplicity and effectiveness of the SPARQS platform. Let us show you how easily SPARQS will produce maps, reports and inform your important decisions, get in touch for a free demo!
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